Thematic Areas

The call for papers, poster and workshops is organized (but not limited) to the following themes:


Typeface Design

The role and the influence of technology (analog or digital, either for production or for distribution) in current typeface design & font development practices. The methods and processes of type design (critical reviews or original designs).


Graphic & Editorial Design

Relevant typographical applications within the areas of Communication, Branding, Marketing, Visual and Corporate Identity. The impact on the perception of organizations, events or individuals, made possible by the development of specific typographic based design projects. The role of typography in the development and in the perception of different publishing media such as books, magazines and newspapers.


Multimedia & Digital devices

The role of typography in communication and entertainment media such as websites, online and offline interactive applications, and in technological mediated contexts such as mobile devices, television, movies, or gaming.


Product Design

Relevant typographical applications within the scope of production, identification, and packaging products or systems.


Typography in the Architectural Environment

Typography in the architectural and environmental integration, such as signs or lettering for buildings, temporary spaces, or the creation of museology communication, exhibitions and physical experiences).


History, Culture & Education

The evolution of technology and the social impact it causes. The perception of change on the evolution of typography and its related disciplines. The role of the discipline in specific human contexts and realities: cultural; social; political; economic; etc.. The role that education and teaching have had throughout the time. And also how these roles have changed over time, place and the human context.